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“Love is patient,
love is kind”

1 Corinthians 13 : 4

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Welcome to our family

Welcome to the Sanctuary Fellowship, Sri Lanka. We are a full gospel ministry that believes and teaches the full counsel of God's Word. We are focused in assisting you on practical living through biblical principles.

Service Times

at church

english service - 7.30 a.m - 9.30 a.m

sinhala service - 9.30 a.m - 11.30 a.m

Our Vision

Psalm 149:6
Our vision as a church is to work toward building the people of God on the foundation of the living word as commissioned by God
“go build my people”.

We desire to liberate people by the high praises offered unto God, eventually bringing the people to a place of worship and intimacy in the secret place of the most high. Our utmost calling is to make people fall in love with Jesus, and to make them desire and love His presence above all, thus making worship a lifestyle, so that they will in turn go to the ends of the earth and make disciples out of overflowing love and gratitude for the Lord, fulfilling the great commission.

pastor randil and pastor devika

Senior Pastor Ranil and Devika Senaratne

Our Mission

This church was birthed into being in 1987 with a little bible study group that met on Thursday afternoons in a home. The group grew in number and hunger when the Lord led us to start services on Sundays. Today there are around 450 members, and three branches that meet on Sundays with ministries for men, women, youth, teens and children. Regular bible studies are conducted weekly which are recorded and circulated among many hundreds of believers locally and abroad. All glory to God "Ebenezer" who has brought us thus far carrying us in His hands like little children. If not for His amazing grace we would not have been able to come thus far.
The land for the church was donated by a family, where a physical structure (temporary) was erected in 1990 with six pillars and a tin roof over us. This roof was never an obstacle for the presence of God that continually over shadowed every meeting. The permanent structure was completed in 1997 as God divinely and supernaturally provided every requirement. "BELIEVE IT" we started the structure with less than one fourth of the estimated cost with just prayer and total dependency on God, with no fund raising projects.

God’s provisions continued to flow abundance financially, materially and hands that laboured in love until the building was completed. The Lord did not stop at that but provided us with sophisticated musical instruments, PA systems, multimedia projectors and skilful musicians gifted and talented manpower that has enabled us to launch this site to bless many of our own family of believers that are in countries like Italy, America, Australia and Canada.
We experienced the “First Outpouring of the Holy Spirit” in 1996 that brought a revival and a cleansing of the church. During that season, the Lord gave us Isaiah 60-The promise of Glory. We held on to it faithfully. Thank God His wisdom is far greater, from a faithful stump that was left behind the Lord brought forth an army of worshippers. We, as generals created an atmosphere for the presence of God, and an open-heaven for God to work. The glory of God descended upon us exploding the atmosphere. People became hungry for God’s glory. We saw and experienced His awesome glory literally.

“Like Moses, our hearts cry out as a church "Lord show us Your Glory"


men's club

men's club

women's club

women's club

kids club

kids club

upcomming events

god and me


4.00 p.m - 6.00 p.m

god and me

youth revival service



above & beyond

young adults

5.30 p.m - 7.00 p.m

above & beyond

your not defined by you past



talk with rosy


3.00 p.m - 6.00 p.m

talk with rosy

youth revival service



love to hear from you,
let's pray together

a little about us

Welcome to the Sanctuary Fellowship, Sri Lanka. We are a full gospel ministry that believes and teaches the full counsel of God ' s Word.

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